Hire Event Stewards & Marshals

Hire event stewards today. If you are planning a day event and require event stewards or events security, contact us right away.

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Hiring Event Stewards & Event Marshals

Our event stewards can work 24 hours a day splitting shifts in between. There is no contract and it’s a pay as you go service. Hiring the best event stewards will be good for your event as the safety of the public is your main priority. From chapter 8 traffic marshals to hiring security guards, we manage the whole process.

Hire Event Stewards for Festivals & Day Events

Hire Festival Security & Stewards

Many promoters are looking for the best prices when it comes to hiring festival staff, event festival bar staff. So, our solution is simple, we provide a competitive quote, or beat any competitive quote. Now with that said, we are fast , reliable and accountable. This makes us go the extra mime in terms of project management. Suppling steward supervisors, and head of security on all jobs so we get the best results and maintaining clients expectations.

Hire Event Stewards

Our service areas cover UK wide and in some cases Europe. To see how we can help your event and book event stewards, contact us.

Call: 0207 607 2568 or fill in our contact form below.

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